About Us


CBAL Solutions Sdn Bhd (a company incorporated in Malaysia) is a 100% subsidiary of CBAL Sdn Bhd, a MSC status company. It houses a team of multi-disciplinary and subject matter experts that enable the development of our niche patented applications.

CBAL Solutions is focused in providing solutions for SMEs through our various web and server based applications. We also develop software for education as well as customized applications for various industries.

Apart from IT solutions, CBAL is also an accredited strategic partner to several entrepreneurship agencies in Malaysia, offering programs in entrepreneurship, accounting and hotel management.


Our accounting software for education that is ASSET Base, ASSET Diplomat & ASSET Uni or better known as the ASSET Accounting Education Series, is patented, endorsed and even accredited by both local and international professional associations such as The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK (ACCA), The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK (CIMA), the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA).

Through our participation in various international and domestic expos and exhibition, CBAL has been honoured with various awards such as The Ministry of Science & Technology and Innovation of Malaysia Expo 2003 & 2004 (Gold Medal), Salon International Des Inventions, Geneva 2005 (Gold Medal), University Putra Malaysia Invention and Research Award 2003 (Gold Medal), MSC Malaysia APICTA Award 2007 and many others that recognizes the agenda CBAL has been championing which is Bookkeeping and Accounting literacy through technology.


Within the realm of entrepreneurship, CBAL is also registered as a consultant and strategic partner with various entrepreneurship agencies.



SME solutions and applications developed by CBAL have been certified and endorsed by The Royal Malaysian Customs for GST. CBAL has also been rated as four star SCORE rating by SME Corp.